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Pros & Cons of Travertine: When Is It Right for Your Home?

Travertine is a very popular option among homeowners to use in countertops and backsplashes, and for good reason. Travertine is uniquely beautiful compared to many other natural stone options. But should you really use travertine throughout your entire home, or is it better suited for specific uses? Here are a few pros and cons to consider before you make your ultimate decision:

Pros & Cons of Travertine: When Is It Right for Your Home?ADVANTAGES

  • Cost – One benefit of travertine is that it is often cheaper than marble or granite, making it easier to fit your budget to the stone option you love.
  • Variety – Travertine also comes in a multitude of colors, styles and finishes, making your home look truly unique.
  • Eco-Friendly – Additionally, as a natural stone option, travertine is fairly environmentally friendly and makes a good choice if you are looking for something sustainable for your home.


  • Porous – Travertine is a softer stone, making it less durable than other natural stone options. You may find that its porous nature makes it more difficult to care for over time.
  • Special Care – Because of the nature of travertine, even with special care, it is subject to staining, and traditional cleaning methods may not always work. If you need a low-maintenance stone countertop, then travertine is most likely not your best choice.
  • Cost – The cost of travertine can also be a disadvantage because of the need for replacement and care.

At Vandelay Stone Tops, we often recommend travertine for lower-traffic areas throughout your home. This doesn’t mean that travertine is not a good choice elsewhere– only that you should be aware of the care requirements before investing in this stone for your home. If you have more questions about travertine and other stone countertop options, contact us at Vandelay Stone Tops today.