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Vetrazzo Countertops, Asheville, NC

Vetrazzo countertops are 100% unique, and you will enjoy having this sustainable countertop in your Asheville home.

Vetrazzo Countertops, Asheville in North CarolinaHow would you feel knowing you have pieces of broken bottles, traffic lights, and windshields in your home’s countertops? This makes a great talking point when you are entertaining guests or having family visit and they see your Vetrazzo countertops! These countertops are 100% unique, and you will enjoy having this sustainable countertop in your home to match your eco-friendly lifestyle. At Vandelay Stone Tops, we love being able to provide our customers with a variety of unique solutions for their home construction and remodeling projects, so they have countertops that match their personality and lifestyle needs.

  • Vetrazzo countertops are made of 85% glass, and each slab offers a blend of colors, making it a work of art.
  • With a high degree of variation and suspended glass in each piece, no two pieces of Vetrazzo countertops look alike – which offers you a unique opportunity to have your home stand out.
  • Vetrazzo countertops are one-of-a-kind and distinctive with bright colors and a signature palette.

If you think Vetrazzo countertops match your style, give us a call at Vandelay Stone Tops to learn more about how we can assist you in adding this eye-catching and beautiful option to your home. You pick your stone, pick your color, pick your edge, and we will do the rest for one low price. From kitchens to vanities, to fireplaces and tub surrounds, there isn’t any surface we can’t fabricate stone for in your Asheville, North Carolina home. Contact us today to learn more about Vetrazzo countertops and how they can provide a unique and sustainable option for you. We look forward to talking with you.

At Vandelay Stone Tops, we can install Vetrazzo countertops in Asheville, Waynesville, Sylva, Bryson City, Cherokee, and Mills River, North Carolina.