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Vetrazzo, Asheville, NC

When you are looking for a unique style and sustainable option in Asheville, Vetrazzo may just be your perfect choice.

Vetrazzo in Asheville, North CarolinaVetrazzo is perhaps one of the most unique stone countertop options you can choose when you are building or upgrading your home in Asheville, North Carolina. Made of traffic lights, windshields, broken bottles and other recycled materials, you’ll never find any other Vetrazzo piece that looks the same as the one in your home.

At Vandelay Stone Tops, we know that if you live a green lifestyle, it may be important to have this represented in your whole home, including in your kitchen, bathrooms and other living spaces. So, when you are looking for a unique style and sustainable option, Vetrazzo may just be your perfect choice.

  • Sustainable – One of the best reasons to choose Vetrazzo is because it offers a sustainable solution. Knowing that your countertops and other stone features are made from recycled materials will help you achieve your goals for your “going green” lifestyle.
  • Personality – Additionally, because Vetrazzo has a unique personality of its own, you’ll have the perfect talking point when your family and friends come to visit. When they ask what your countertops are made of, you’ll have a great starting point for conversation!

Choosing the right countertops and stone features for your home in Asheville has never been easier than when you work with us at Vandelay Stone Tops. Not only can we order, fabricate and install Vetrazzo from any supplier, but we’ll be happy to assist you with the process from start to finish. All you’ll have to do is enjoy the finished result. Call today or stop by to discuss your options and see our great selection of stone.

At Vandelay Stone Tops, we can install Vetrazzo countertops in Asheville, Waynesville, Sylva, Bryson City, Cherokee, and Mills River, North Carolina.