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IceStone, Asheville, NC

IceStone is an excellent addition to your home when you want to add new and functional features that reflect your sustainable lifestyle in Asheville.

IceStone in Asheville, Nother CarolinaWhen you have taken steps to reduce your carbon footprint, you probably don’t stop at the features inside your home in Asheville, North Carolina. Whether you are building a new home or you are completing upgrades, it’s important that your countertops and other stone features are still a reflection of the lifestyle you choose to lead.

At Vandelay Stone Tops, we respect this decision, and it is our number one goal to provide as many choices as possible when you are looking for stone that will match your values for a green lifestyle. That’s why we believe IceStone is an excellent addition to your home, whether you are completing a major overhaul, building new, or you simply want to add new features.

  • Sustainable Solutions – IceStone is made of only three ingredients: recycled glass, cement and resin. It can even be fabricated to look like granite, should you prefer the look and feel of this stone. This makes getting the features you love without compromising your lifestyle choices easier than ever.
  • Perfect Style – Just because you choose IceStone or one of our other sustainable stone options doesn’t mean your home can’t have long-lasting stone features that offer function and beauty. You’ll love seeing your options when you choose IceStone for your next home project.
  • Simple Choice – Let Vandelay Stone Tops be your next call when you are looking for solutions for your home upgrade or remodeling project. IceStone is a simple choice when you are looking for sustainable materials to add to your home. We know you’ll love the results!

At Vandelay Stone Tops, we can install IceStone countertops in Asheville, Waynesville, Sylva, Bryson City, Cherokee, and Mills River, North Carolina.